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Complete Dentures

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Revitalize your smile with Complete Dentures

About 15% of Canadian adults have lost all of their original teeth. Even people who brush, floss, and take perfect care of their teeth can lose them due to accidents, illness, or aging. But you don’t have to worry about going without! New Bite Denture clinic can help in just one visit.

What Are Complete Dentures?

Complete dentures come in the form of a customized, handmade dental appliance that replaces all of the teeth of both dental arches. You can come to our Edmonton Denture Clinic for dentures after having tooth extraction at a separate dental clinic or use our “Immediate Denture” service to ensure you have dentures ready right away.

Complete dentures are removable. They are affixed temporarily to the gums using dental adhesive if necessary. Every night, you can soak them in denture cleaning fluid to keep them clean. You can also gently wash them or brush them, either while they are in place or after they have been removed.

If you are looking for the most affordable option, complete dentures are right for you. They do not require any special surgery or extra preparation of your mouth. They can be provided in a single visit, and follow-up visits are infrequent (often as little as once a year) compared to several visits required for dental implants.

Who Can Use Complete Dentures?

Anyone who is without their original teeth for any reason can use complete dentures. You can start to use your complete dentures right away following the loss or removal of your original teeth. Once you have dentures, you should follow up with your denture clinic any time the fit changes or feels uncomfortable.

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