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Denture Relines

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Get the perfect fit with Denture Relines

Dentures need to be carefully made to fit your mouth, so you’ll have a comfortable, supportive fit. But once they are in place, your mouth continues to change. Tooth extraction leads to a natural reshaping of underlying bone structure that can influence your dentures. If they no longer fit, you need a denture reline.

What Is a Denture Reline?

Bone loss, aging, and weight changes can all cause structural changes to the mouth that affect your dentures. Older dentures may no longer fit as well as they did. If dentures fit poorly, they can lead to sores, difficulty with speaking or eating, and even infections that might be dangerous.

Sometimes, older dentures that no longer fit can even crack and need complete replacement. A denture reline helps you avoid these complications and more. During a denture reline, adjustments are made to your dentures to maintain their proper fit and give you the high level of comfort you deserve.

A reline includes several steps:

  • Assessment: New Bite Denture Clinic founder Lindsey Brouwer, DD, will examine your mouth and dentures to assess the fit. Using dental imaging such as X-rays from your dentists, Lindsey will verify changes in the gums and bone structure and how to improve your dentures.
  • Impression: To go forward with a reline, the existing dentures are used as a tray to create an impression of your mouth. The dentures are filled with a soft material such as dental putty that will conform to the shape of oral tissues. Once the material hardens, it can be used as a mold for the new dentures.
  • Relining: Alterations are made to the inner side of the denture base, which can mean adding or removing plastic as necessary. When relining is done, the dentures snugly fit to the current shape of your oral tissues.
  • Fitting and Adjustment: The relined denture is returned to your mouth so you can provide feedback. At this stage, it’s still possible to easily adjust the fit until it is just right. When you are satisfied, dentures are polished and cleaned for a natural appearance before you take them home.
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